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Two bread stuffed with potatoes, onions and spices, served with yogurt and mango pickle

Two bread stuffed with onions and spices, served with yogurt and mango pickle

Two pieces of bread with butter and salt, served with yogurt and mixed pickle

Two stuffed Parantha's served with dahi, butter and pickle




Fried pastry stuffed with flavoured potatoes, served with tamarind sauce and mint sauce

Crisp stuffed patties topped with chickpeas, onions, yogurt, tamarind,and mint sauce

Kid's Special

Small dosa sprinkled with cheese

M&M Dosa


Small dosa spread with hazelnut chocolate and sprinkled with M&M's

Small dosa spread with hazelnut chocolate

Prepared On Site With

Natural Ingredients


Crispy dosa coated with butter

Crispy dosa coated with butter and stuffed with masala

Lentil batter mixed with onion,chilli,cumin and spices spread with potato

Special spinach curried masala spread

Masala Dosa


Stuffed with potatoes and spices

Stuffed with Paneer and onion masala

Stuffed with onion green pepper cabbage garlic green chilli cheese

Spread with butter garlic paste and potatoes, then topped with sliced carrots, onions, green peppers, cabbage and tomatoes

Chickpeas masala slow cooked with Special herbs blend and potato masala

Spread with onion, tomatoes, chaat masala garlic, green chilli

Crispy crepe spread with cheese and onions

Stuffed with cheese, potatoes and spices

Sprinkled with chopped onions

Delicious & Tasty Food



Basmati rice with sambar

Fermented black lentil batter with rice flour


plain pancake spread with tomato sauce and topped with pizza toppings and cheese served with sambhar and chutneys

Special spices on plain pancake topped with Melted cheese

Thicker soft dosa topped with special spiced mix masala mildly garnished, served with chutneys and sambhar

3 vegetables, Rice, yogurt, Papad, Pickle ,salad and 2 Puri or 2 Roti or Naan and one dessert

A pancake made with lentil and rice served with sambar & chutney

plain pancake topped with tomato,onion, green chilli and coriander




Warm sweet balls soaked with sugar syrup (2 pcs.)

Ice Cream


Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry (2 pcs)



 Cottage cheese balls soaked in sweetened cream (2 pcs)



Carrot-based sweet dessert pudding

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